Louder than Hell

2006, Sep 18    

Ow, my ears are still buzzing. Had an awesome time last night, seeing Fear Factory, Devil Driver and Dry Kill Logic at the Palais. Each band was marginally louder than the next, but right from the start you could feel the bass vibrating in your sternum and spreading out through your ribcage. When Fear Factory finally took to the stage, you could feel the air physically shifting with each drumbeat. Dry Kill was by far the best of the three; their singer has a very clear voice, and the band does indeed rock. I spent the last set in the pit, getting thrown around and throwing other people around, which was fantastically good fun, though I can see why some people might avoid it. My thanks to JR for dragging me out to see them.

It’s funny; I ordered a t-shirt from the FF website about 6 weeks ago, so that I could fly their colours at the gig, but it didn’t arrive in time. So what kind of package should appear on my desk, less than 9 hours after the show, taunting me with its very presence?

The weekend also contained parties, family celebrations, and all the usual running around. I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.