2006, Dec 07    

Long time no update.

As I’ve told a few people recently, my Kungfu school shut down, which was a major blow. Fortunately, the students have rallied together to continue teaching classes in the park morning and night, so in a strange way, it doesn’t feel like much has changed. I feel for my sifu, since the academy was his dream, but I’m sure he’ll bounce back - he has a fairly unflagging personality. To compound his troubles, he was involved in an accident the weekend after with a dropped metal sign, which cut through most of his achillis tendon and a good part of his foot, after he had fallen 4 metres onto concrete. True to form, he had his achillis sewn back up without anaesthetic, and his foot is now in a cast. He probably won’t be able to run for 12 months - I guess this is the universe’s way of telling him to take a break. For me the change has been relatively seamless - training out in the park is really nice this time of year, and with the exception of flies, it’s actually a bit of an improvement. It might not be so fun in winter, but hopefully we’ll have a school gym or something like that after Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, have the Melbournites here seen the holiday decorations that have gone up all over the city? You might not have noticed them, because they look like they’re advertising a tennis open. Green, White and Purple, they are the ultimate in “try to keep everyone happy and thusly strip all meaning from an event” technology. They have Picasso-like angels on them, but they’re disguised by making them a white silhouette, with trumpet, and upside-down. I’m sure no one will be offended, because very few people will know that they’re celebrating anything. I’d prefer the city to be decked out in Hanukkah celebratory gear than this meaningless visual drivel. Lovely to think that this is what our parking tickets pay for; far better to invite each of the major religions that observe the event to publicly showcase their beliefs in different areas, and celebrate that diversity, rather than sweeping it under the rug. But anyway, I rant.

For those who didn’t know, there is a Swiss based organisation that is trying to sort out 7 New Wonders of the world, given that of the original ones, only one remains (The Pyramids at Giza). Currently they’re in the voting phase, and I’d encourage you to toss a vote or two in the direction of Sydney Opera House, which is one of the final 21 candidates. I haven’t received any spam as a result of giving them my e-dress, but who knows, they’re a for-profit organisation, and they allow people to buy votes and vote multiple times, so I wouldn’t put much past them. The eventual announcement date is 07/07/07 in Lisbon.

Lastly, anyone who is a fan of Powermetal (ie: Iron Maiden, Firewind, Man’o War, Axenstar, etc) will be interested, nay thrilled, to know that the granddaddy band of them all, Blind Guardian, is coming to Melbourne. More Metal than a crowbar, they have two shows at the Forum in February, and I’m pretty certain this is the only time we’ll ever see them here. These guys, along with Iron Maiden, pretty much founded their genre of music, and unlike the latter band, their albums keep getting better over the years. How can you not like a band that has, like, three albums based off Tolkien books?! They rock 10% more than all other leading brands. I just need victims/volunteers to join me at the concert now.