2007, Jan 29    

Getting back into a con has brought a lot of memories flooding back, not in the least because I caught up with a whole social circle that I used to know well back in the day. The next con I attend I’ll be a little more organised; I now recall that I prefer freeforms to tabletops, I remember the virtue of teams, and I’ve rediscovered that pulling one’s head away from one’s pillow is extra hard if you are foolishly booked into those 9am sessions.

The games were excellent, with a few highlights, one of which was Children of the Revolution. As most would be aware, one of the writers, Aveline, passed away over the weekend. I only had the fortune to meet Aveline once, about four years ago. We compared scars, then spent an hour or two talking about life and everything in general. I generally don’t remember a lot of the people I meet in my travels, but Aveline was hard to forget.

Next con is Conquest in April. I think I might just go and sign myself up.