2007, Feb 12    

Huzzah! I’m back from Adelaide in one piece. Not that I expected return in multiple pieces, but I feel my return to civilisation should be marked somehow. I spent the whole weekend playing Bloodbowl - I am the ubergeek, all geeks are at most equal to or lesser than I!

The year is starting off well; caught up with a lot of people recently, got another raise at work, I’m now teaching the beginners at kung fu, and I’ve reawakened an interest in rpg cons. Somehow, I never pictured myself being where I am now, or at least, by now.

Speaking of pictures…

As a Linux user, I find this hilarious. There have been a lot of these popping up recently though... Microsoft viral slander campaign perhaps?


Heh heh heh.


Also Pretty


Interesting Skyscape

If horses whinny, what do Zebras do?

This is a winter

I do hope that’s not toxic

And ending as per usual