2007, Feb 28    

Aïe! The sky is falling on the stock market! Already lost 2 grand today and this is supposed to be only the first of several corrections. Mind you, I can’t access that account for 26 years, it being part of a self managed super fund and all, so I’m hoping it will recover by then. The stock market is a lot of fun; it’s like high stakes poker where everyone leaves the table on average 20% up each year, but it’s not so fun on days like today.

In other news, my kungfu school has had it’s power cut due to an administrative error, so last night and this morning was spend training in the dark. Very spooky. And when you’re in a room with forty other people who are breathing hard, but can’t see them too well, also more than a little disturbing.


Yep, I mean literally.

I’m oh so guilty of this too.

The crazy stuff kids watch today.

I find this picture to be deeply relaxing.

Ca c’est tout.

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