New Beginnings, Endings.

New Beginnings, Endings.

2011, Jan 28    

So, if everything goes to plan, three months from now, Amber and I should have a baby boy. It seems a little bit unreal; everyone has encouraging stuff to say about how it will change our lives for the better, etc. Well, one friend talked about fountains of poo, but hopefully that will be at a minimum.

So much for plans. I wrote the above two lines in a draft post, about two weeks ago, and though I did not know it at the time, Amber’s mum must have passed away within a couple of hours of me writing them. Everything is now not going to plan, though I wouldn’t say it’s going badly. Without going into all the feelings associated with losing someone, the whole process of burying a loved one is quite an experience. Some thoughts, in no particular order:

  • I never knew so many people had my mobile number. Or Amber’s for that fact. In the immediate days that followed, we would have been getting at least 50 calls a day each, and a deluge of SMSes. Thanks to those who got in touch. For reference, if any of your relatives die, I’m going to send you my commiserations by SMS, because there are a lot of calls you need to make when you are in that position.
  • Clean out your cupboards. Especially those ones with the stuff at the back which you don’t want people to find, or the ones in which you’ve hoarded the beginnings of many projects, all with the intention of starting them again one day. It’s not about keeping them clean so that your relatives will have an easy time; it’s about keeping your life free of miscellaneous junk that you don’t use. If you own something, it should be relevant to how you are living, even if it’s just a keepsake.
  • There is a lot of work in disassembling someone’s life. It can fill vast quantities of time. Perhaps even more than that.

But all those thoughts aside, does anyone have any tips on how to run a garage sale for 9 rooms worth of stuff?