Zac has landed!

Zac has landed!

2011, Apr 19    

I am now the extremely proud father of an eight day old baby boy.

Zac at 8 days

From everything Amber and I have been hearing, we have to judge that he is a fantastically well-behaved baby - he doesn’t cry very much, and he likes long sleeps at night. As I write, we are only minorly sleep-deprived (though quite tired from all the work), and at only 8 days in, you’d have to say that is a bit of a success story.

Two pieces of advice I’d give to anyone heading down the same road (from my vast week or so of experience):

  • 2 People are not enough to wrangle a newborn baby. This is where grandparents, or other helpers come in. The two of you might be pretty good at getting stuff done, but add a ton of sleep deprivation an worry, and you’ll find the smallest things are insurmountable challenges. My mum & dad pretty much saved us this weekend, giving us a chance to catch up on sleep, and calming some of our fears. Once we were out of the downward spiral of no sleep, stressed parents and stressed baby, everything came good in 24 hours.
  • Breastfeeding is not easy. Maybe there is some kind of sensitivity to saying that at all the parenting classes, because there are a number of times where breastfeeding support is mentioned, but they never came out and said that almost everyone has serious problems getting it going and keeping it going.

Amber will almost certainly expand on the above in her blog ( She has been an absolute star through this whole process, working herself silly (including one 27 hour feeding session). She is a fantastic mother :)