Some thoughts, and photos

Some thoughts, and photos

2011, Sep 04    

No one can say we live in a society without hope. Whomever put up those posts genuinely hopes that this action will be the silver bullet that allows the grass to grow back. Time will tell if they were right.


This is a house near where we live. I find the sign quite amusing. I do hope they don’t actually mind hippies all that much though.


Someone had attached this poem to the outside wall of the cemetery. I’ve walked past it dozens of times now, and it makes me happy every time I see it.


This is written on a wall, about two blocks from the local high school. It’s nice to know kids are still kids.


And for some reason I thought I’d post this. I’m not sure what people picture when they think of me at work. I have various impressions of what each of my friends work’s must be like. I suspect many of them are very very wrong, as my mind cooks up some strange images when I don’t have any point of reference. Ask me and I’ll happily let you know what I think your workspace looks like.

Anyway, for those squinting to make out the setup, it’s one mac mini server (drives in raid0 for speed, external hdds for backup) and one macbook pro, both controlled off one keyboard and mouse. This is the first time I’ve had an all-mac setup. Previously I have spent a year using Windows XP, two using Windows 7, another running Archlinux, 2 years running Gentoo and 1 year running Ubuntu. The work servers have run Windows Server 2003, 2008 (briefly), Centos and Scientific Linux. Of all those setups, I’ve been quite happy with everything except Windows Server 2008, which has abysmal performance on otherwise decent hardware.

Work Setup

Oh, and my first father’s day was great!!!