2014 in review

2014 in review

2015, Feb 15    

It’s now near the start of 2015, and I’m finally getting the feeling that I’m on top of this parenting thing. Life has improved steadily since its significant rearrangement by the arrival of young Zac. In mid 2014 I finished my MBA, and got my evenings and weekends back. Amber & I started doing yoga. Work was busy; having been bought by a multinational, we spent the year integrating into their systems. It was a busy year. Some of the other things…

Diamond Valley Train

Zac discovered miniature railways, model train expos, and rode on a series of trains, both modern and steam-driven. I now know more about trains than I ever intended to learn.


Someone had another go at breaking into our house again - possibly the only downside of living in the inner city. This time they didn’t get in due to doubled up windows, multiple deadlocks, and other such things. We should have got a pit trap installed with the renovations. Maybe it isn’t too late.

Point Lonsdale

We got away to the beach a bit this year. My folks have a place in Point Lonsdale, and it’s a welcome escape from the city.

The Water is Cold

The water is not all that warm though. But we got wetsuits this year! Wetsuits are amazing! I had no idea what a difference they would make to swimming in cold water. Instead of being like the underwater-jumper I expected them to be, they completely insulate you from the water’s environment. Old news to many, but a revelation for me.

Taking Zac Shopping

Zac learnt more about the CBD on a variety of shopping trips. He’s familiar with all the outdoors places in Hardware lane, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they remember him too.

Seal of Judgement

Melbourne Zoo sent us a picture of a seal as part of our membership… but I can’t help but feel this creature is judging me.

Forest Walk

We started going for bushwalks up in the Dandenong Ranges. Above is Sherbrooke forest, best visited early in the morning

But mostly I spent my time with these two amazing people:

Chilling in Brunswick

My much loved wife,

Angel Zac

And a 3 ⅔ year old Zac, who is pretty darn awesome too.