pydf & Disk Space on Cygwin

pydf & Disk Space on Cygwin

2015, Jun 21    

Occasionally you may want to check your diskspace, and via cygwin, you can see all the drives mounted on your computer via the ‘df’ command line utility. A slightly nicer approach however is pydf, a python-based replacement.

The website for pydf contains all the files you will need - just download, extract and alias the script:

# Download the tarball

# Extract and move the files
tar xvf pydf_12.tar.gz && mv pydf-12 /usr/local/bin/

# Copy the man file into the right place
cp /usr/local/bin/pydf-12/pydf.1 /usr/share/man/man1/

# Add an alias to your .bashrc to use it:
alias 'df'='/usr/local/bin/pydf-12/pydf'

Then when you run it, your disk space should be displayed like so:

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