Installing Hyperion on Kali Linux

Installing Hyperion on Kali Linux

2019, Oct 17    

Hyperion is a runtime encrypter for 32/64 bit portable executables, made by NullSecurity, typically used to evade antivirus software. You can check for the most recent version here, and install it on Kali Linux with a variation of these commands:

# We intend to run this on Windows, so we need a windows cross compiler
apt install update
apt install mingw-w64

# Get Hyperion and unzip it in an appropriate directory

# Then build it
i686-w64-mingw32-c++ Hyperion-1.2/Src/Crypter/*.cpp -o hyperion.exe

Where you put the built file now is up to you, but /usr/local/bin is the traditional location for locally built stuff.