Yet another vice gets added to the list

2004, Feb 08    

If I’m ever asked in the future as to why I set up an LJ site, I’ll state that ‘everyone was doing it’ and blame it squarely on my friends.

Seriously though, I’ve been hermiting a bit recently, and at least this lets me hermit constructively. I’ve been noticing that more than a few people have been hermiting themselves, or moving around to different cities, all of which I find most inconvenient. :)

I’ve just finished reading through the Origami Boulder company’s website ( - the feedback page is definitely a must-read.

UPDATE: September, 2010 - So, 7 years on, I moved this LiveJournal to a WordPress site. Hasta la vista LJ! UPDATE: March, 2018 - A eight years after that I moved to Jekyll. And was appalled at the quality of posts I used to write. My younger self had too much time on his hands.