Mental self-check

2004, Jun 15    

Life is good.

The long weekend wasn’t too bad, filled with all sorts of fun and frivolity, and a very good party. I imagine a few people had an interesting Saturday morning getting up – a few people were looking quite merry by the time I left. It’s been about four months now since I became a teetotaller and it’s agreeing with me quite well.

I’ve finally decided to get a paid LJ account, for a fairly trivial reason – I like having more than 3 icons. Playing around with ms paint and putting together avatars takes me back to my old days and fond memories of being in the computer art scene, just before I started hanging around Melbourne Uni.

I think the memories have grown a lot fonder with time – people say that being young is fantastic, etc, but quite frankly I’m starting to become of the opinion that this particular notion is a conspiracy that’s put around by the older members of our society. The older I get the more I enjoy myself, the more options are open to me, and the more I’ve got my life sorted out. Hmm, I’m 26, I’m probably having these thoughts about four years before I should.

Oh, I did find out one thing over the long weekend that amused me supremely – Isaac Newton, who is most often remembered for his work in Physics, specifically for his laws of gravity, is also the inventor of the cat flap. Both are useful, neh?

UPDATE: I have since discovered that Sir Isaac Newton is also the inventor of the kitten flap - he constructed smaller versions of the cat flap in his study for his cat's kittens when she had them :)