2004, Jul 13    

Yay! Well, the grading went off with out a hitch, well, without a major hitch. Grading early in the morning before work seems like a good idea when you plan it a month ahead, but I felt oh so differently about it when my alarm went off at 5am.

For some reason it's impossible to get properly flexible in the morning, no matter how much you stretch or warm up. I'm hobbling around the office a little bit now, not so much due to the exercise (of which there was a lot), but instead probably my muscles and joints expressing their disapproval at being forced to stretch early and in the cold.

I did lose my focus at one stage though - I was in the midst of doing push-ups when one of the academy cats (a 5th generation Bengal cat, descended from Chinese tree leopards - gorgeous) came up and headbutted me affectionately. Normally Chan stays clear of the students when they're practising, but he must have felt an urge to break my concentration :)

Now I just need to start working towards my purple belt in 6-12 months time. Life is good!