Just getting some links out of my system.

2004, Sep 02    

This is me surfacing for air. The morning has been filled with wading though a massive form contract and the afternoon looks full of databasey fun, so I'm taking time out for a few minutes.

I messed up my knee in training on Tuesday, trained anyway on Wednesday, and now it's telling me that it doesn't want to play ball any more. Hopefully it'll be all mended by the weekend so that I can get back into my training routine and the odd fun stuff - Rock climbing anyone?

Other than that, I thought I'd share a few items of idle interest, such as what happens when you fill some missile-shaped balloons with helium and then trail them behind your car.

Freud would have described this as attention seeking. Then again, perhaps it's linked to those people who want to stop tornadoes by shooting missiles at them.

Secondly, take a look at the following picture:

Squares A and B are the same colour, and the same shade. It certainly breaks my head a little - you might need to take a screenshot and run it through an editing program if you want to prove it to yourself.