If you can’t beat them…

2005, Jan 07    

For those who played, loved and worshiped the best PC 486 game ever created, Star Control II, you’ll be happy to know if you were unaware, the game is being ported to run on modern PCs, with music updates, etc. This may not mean much to those of you who didn’t waste their teenage years on BBSes and learning how to hack UNIX boxes that we were never likely to have access to, but for many of us who did, this is so</b> cool.

More info + download: http://sc2.sourceforge.net/

Oh, and Pache, they’re porting it to Mac too.

In other news, 2005 has started reasonably well, if a little hectically. Christmas was a pretty quiet affair, with only two of my nephews showing up to disturb my peace. I did my duty as an uncle and tossed them into the nearest decent-sized body of water available.

I’ve got about 2 months till my Purple belt grading, so I’m starting to ramp up for that; no more slack sundays, from now on fridays are going to be my only day off training. I’m feeling all dedicated with the new year, though that could be something to do with shedding some of the food from Christmas.

Oh, and check this out.