Your Kung Fu is weak

2005, Jan 13    

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Ninjas?

This might seem like an unlikely subject for a diatribe, but everywhere I go, pop culture assaults me with veiled references to shadowy Ninjas practicing martial arts that look suspiciously like Kickboxing and Kendo. Some would argue that Ninjas never existed, indeed, they may argue that Ninjas were a polite cover for dishonorable tactics of Samurai (in a Terrorist vs Freedom Fighter kinda way). They may further argue that Ninjas were popularized in the 1970s to sell crap to 16 year-olds. These people would be correct.

Now perhaps I’m being too hard on the everyday common house-ninja. Perhaps Pat Morita really could kick my butt. However until I’m proved wrong, they can expect my scorn.

And now for some Ninja links, just incase I haven’t pissed off the Foot Clan enough today!

Cheerleader Ninjas - they’re out for revenge, just don’t expect them to spell it.

NinjaBurger - your meal in 30 minutes or we commit seppuku

Real Ultimate Power - the Official Ninja site