Paintballs Hurt

2005, Mar 17    

I feel like I lost a fight with an octopus - I’m covered in little red circular welts. Paintball is fun though, and the fact that the pellets hurt does add a lot more adrenaline to the game than would otherwise be there. This particular paintball session was in aid of Kristian’s birthday, which firstly required a trip to Mexico. The capital of Mexico, Adelaide, is not actually as bad as the rumours would have you believe, though it is pretty hot. Pictures will be up on the wonderful kunochi_chan’s LJ or website in a week or so.

My purple belt grading is now behind me, over in a swift 3 1/2 hours. I’m an assistant instructor now apparently. Scary. For all practical purposes it just means that the instructors don’t have to apologise when they hit me, which they do :).

I’ve also been house-sitting for my parent’s cat, Rushinka, a lilac point Burmese who is about 15 years old. Pedigree cats only live to an average of 14 years, so Rushki is a cranky old puss who know just about every way of annoying humans into doing what she wants. On of her usual tricks, that she’s plied on me many a year, is to sit about two inches out of arms reach of the bed at 4am and yowl till you get up and let her out, feed her, etc. Once she worked out that humans would eventually get up, her patience became extraordinary, and she’ll quite happily sit there for two hours, meowing you out of restful sleep, knowing that you’ll break before she does. The only problem with this is that in the last two years, Rushki has become a little bit senile, and by the time she’s managed to leaver you our out of bed, she’s forgotten what she wanted in the first place. Getting up used to be followed by a dash to the door, or her food bowl - now she just looks up at you with a “What are you doing? Silly human.” look on her face. This most recent visit she then had the affrontery to jump on the now vacant warm bed.

Lastly, why cat-sumo is better than cat-karate

PS, for those international readers, when I say Mexico, I mean South Australia, which is kinda similar, but with less banditos.