Glasses make me look more intelligent

2005, May 06    

I’ve started doing Yoga, which is a bit of a change. One class is Hatha and the other is Ashtanga, which I’ve yet to attend. I’ve always been vaguely interested, simply because I need more flexibility for kung fu, but I hadn’t taken it up due to the ungodly hour of the morning most places teach it. Since my school has opened up the carebear part of their <a>facility</a>, yoga has started to run during times when I’d normally just be doing solo practice, and I’m one of those people who works a lot harder in a organised group of people than when I’m left to my own devices.

Overall, I thought the class I did was good. I’m not sure about the “Omm” bit though – it comes dangerously close to crossing the line between physical training and cabaret. I did almost burst out laughing in the class though, which would have placed me firmly in the bad books. As happens to most people during these things, my mind began to wander, and I started to imagine what it might be like to have a Yoga teacher with Tourette’s Syndrome. I suppose there has to be one somewhere, telling people to relax, grasp at the energy of the universe, and where they can shove it.

And so I spend a small portion of the class with imagined abuse being hurled from no where, “Sh!t! F%ck! Ommmmmmmmmmmm C#ap! Ommmmmmmmmm…”. The instructor, Kate, is actually pretty cool, and doesn’t have Tourette’s. All that aside, has anyone done Yoga for a reasonable period of time? Care to give me a preview of what I’m getting myself in for?

Downward facing Dog, from BushYoga.Com - “Inner Peace is having your finger on the Red Button”

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