Take the Red Pill!

2005, Sep 01    

Are there any linux buffs out there? I recently got a laptop with the express purpose of running Redhat WS4 on it. Thus far it has been a great success, and I’m becoming quite the linux convert. I could do with someone to bounce questions off though, since I’ve discovered that all FAQs are designed specifically not to answer my questions.

I’ve decided to head back to China with my Sifu next April, this time for three weeks. - if anyone is interested in joining me, it costs about $4300, and there will probably be a couple of people you know on the trip, depending on who you are. More info can be found here. I can’t promise that it will be a restful relaxing trip, since sleep is at best considered optional, and the group sets a pretty fast pace (All of our group lost between 4-8kgs in the two weeks, even through we were eating in restaurants 3 times a day - part of it is exercise, part of it’s the unprocessed nature of all the tasty, tasty food). You will get to see a lot of Hong Kong and mainland China though, including some of the less touristy areas like Huashan. You’ll get to know all about stairs, and just how $#&king many of them there are in the country, and you’ll have innumerable opportunities to buy cheap sh!+ty rolexes. It’ll be a blast.

Oh, and… Image hosted by Photobucket.com