Friday 5 o’clock and my brain is melting…

2005, Nov 18    

Just thought I’d post a quick update. I have returned from a brief week-long trip to Canada. The trip was work related and I didn’t get to see much of the country, but I did get a little bit of an impression as to what Vancouver is like.

They make a much bigger deal of Halloween than we do, and on the day itself, almost one person in five was wearing a costume of some sort to their various work places. That being said, very few of them were actually dressing up as anything ‘scary’ – most of them seemed to favour dressing as constabulary of one sort or another, though there were a few pointed witch hats.

On the way too and from Vancouver I went through LAX international, which is a bit of a dive. I remember it being much bigger, but then I was a lot younger the last time I was going through there on a regular basis. I imagine I’ll be headed back to Canada sometime next year, and potentially annually.

Anyway, that’s about it – I’ve put together a new layout & style for my journal which I’m quite happy with – it’s the small things that satisfy.

Oh, and I can recommend the Life of Pi – it’s a cracking read.