2006, Jan 05    

It seems that it’s hard to coax people to say anything positive. Ah well. Just don’t give me a hurt look if I make fun of your misery this year. My cynicism is beating my optimism at the moment.

Responding to thunderchylde’s comment about what year of the Chinese calendar it is (The Green Metal/Woodern Rooster) reminded me about one of the stories I wanted to post from how the Chinese Zodiac was founded.

The Rat and the Cat A long, long time ago, the Cat and the Rat were the best of friends. They accompanied each other everywhere they went and they shared their food. One day, the Cat learnt that the Jade Emperor was going to elect twelve animals to represent the twelve calendar years, and invited all animals to a party. The Cat suggested to the Rat that both of them should make a presence.

When the day finally arrived, the Cat told the Rat, ‘I am going to take a nap so that I will be in my top form. Can you please wake me up when it’s time to go to the party?’ ‘No problem.’ the Rat replied, ‘Just relax and rest. I will wake you up when the time comes.’

After the Cat fell asleep, the Rat thought to himself, ‘I am among the smallest of all animals and I don’t stand a chance in making one of the twelve if the Cat will go.’ So when the time came, the Rat left on his own without waking up the Cat, and was elected as one of the twelve Zodiac Animals.

When the Cat found out what the Rat had done, he was furious. The two became worst enemies. This is the reason why cats are not one of the twelve animals and they love to chase after rats.