2006! Year of the… um… stuff!

2006, Jan 03    

Happy 2006 everyone!

Sorry I didn’t see anyone on New Year’s Eve, but I was out on the country with some friends, being slow-roasted in a house with no air-con.

I have high expectations for the year ahead. Spending most of March in Canada, and all of April in China. At my job, much work will be had, but it will be engaging interesting work, and while I’m sure will be taxing, it will no doubt leave me with a sense of accomplishment. I will be training for my black belt - hard, scary, but ultimately a journey of self discovery, and thusly a very good thing. The few hours that I have left over each week, I hope to spend with you lot.

You can accomplish just about anything with a positive attitude, and even if you don’t make all your goals, your world is still defined by the way you perceive it. Thusly, at the outset of this Year of the Rooster, I have decided to reward anyone who replies with a positive comment about 2006 and themselves with pictures of kittens.

You can’t say no to the kittens.