You can’t swim in a Top hat

2006, Feb 07    

The beach party on Saturday was good, I’m sure kunoichi_chan will put up pics shortly. I’m just shaking off the sunburn now - I’m going to have to start wearing a hat. Only problem is, I’m fairly sure I’m not a hat person - I look dumb in an akubra, baseball cap or full-size sombrero. I guess I’ll just have to experiment.

I also note the gangland war has started up again, with another one of the Carlton locals being shot. As long as they don’t knock off my hair dresser or barrista, all is good.


Sleepy Kitty

Okay, this is just silly, but if you played on a C64, I dare you not to love it.

Oh, and they’re making another Rocky movie, can you believe that? Sly Stallone is 60 years old, but apparently that’s still comeback age. I guess with the right backing music and weight training montage it could work.

I just hope it doesn’t prompt a techno remix or rap breakdown of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. It will you know.