2006, Mar 20    

Turns out I can’t dance. I used to be able to, but with my activities over the past few years, it’s hard not to fall into familiar movements that aren’t very dancey. I suspect I just need practice. Or perhaps psychotropics of some sort.

Three weeks till I wing my way off to China for another few weeks of hard core training. Oh, and Hong Kong Disney, let’s not forget that. I’m fairly certain it’ll sport the most awesome queues for admission in the civilised world. If it’s anything like the LA disney, there is basically only one guy who gets to go on the rides while everyone else waits, though it was a long time ago, so my memory may be faulty.

It's funny because it's true. Perhaps funny-bone sorta funny though, 'cause I don't make out too well on this chart, being a colossal geek and all.

You gotta watch those rebellious women, I swear… Image hosting by Photobucket

This is Venezuelan Art. Can’t help but think it looks chilly.

I only wish this were a joke. The madness must be stopped.

What’s the bet that a slightly nerdy stoner with a stack of Cyndi Lauper albums lives within a stone’s throw of this sign?

And just cause I can.

Oh dear. While checking the spelling of Cyndi Lauper on the net, I discovered she still has a website and just released another album. That’s all a bit freaky.