…And I’m outta here!

2006, Mar 30    

Well, not just yet, but in a week, and since I’m planning and preparing I’m getting in the right headspace. I’m actually leaving next week on the Friday morning, and then I’ll be away pretty much till the start of May. No one is to have any fun while I’m gone; only when I get back.

If anyone wants stuff from China, let me know. I hear I can get keen deals on Rolexes there. I’m going to see if I can bring back some Fancy Smell brand biscuits - they’re a hoot. There is also Predator brand toilet paper, but I don’t imagine I’ll be bringing any of that back.

Having done a certain amount of Brazilian Jiujitsu this makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

There’s a certain joy in being unhelpful.

Everyone needs a hug from time to time.


Well, that’s that. I’ll surface again in five weeks. Same Bat channel.