2006, May 12    

Well, I’ve finally got around to posting up a bunch more pictures from my China trip.

The freshest Scorpions money can buy

Morning Pollution at Shaolin

My second time at the top of Mt Wudan. Shaved 10 mins off my last climb time - the soft people took the cable cars.

The actual summit area of Mt Wudan

Wang Lingwan, who apparently was a deity who used to whip people of low virtue off the mountain. Pictured here, flipping the bird with his left hand and holding an illuminati all-seeing pyramid in his right hand.

A view of what Mount Huashan looks like from the bottom. It’s further away and higher than it looks. It is 9km away, and about 1.8 kilometres above where the picture was taken. This is pretty close to where we started climbing the 30,000 steps to the top. All up, 2 hours, 45 mins, then collapsing for the rest of the day.

We were softcore compared to the locals though… this guy is carrying those boxes to the top. He gets about 1 US dollar a day for doing this.

Some of my own locks now on the summit of Huashan.

Some of the early morning scenery from the summit.

Me at the summit for the second time. Note the black height marker with the Chinese writing on it.

And what would be behind said black marker? Technically, since this was taken on a mountain, this is a mountain cat. He followed us up from a temple near the summit. Sally fed him a can of tuna. Then black_pawn turned up and fed us all glaced kiwi fruit.

A view from one of the mountains in Hong Kong. 1/3 of the island is nature reserve.

Here is the great wall of china. It is boring.

Food from the dodgiest hotel in the world. The hotel is located in Dengfeng, and those chips pictured are covered in sugar. The rooms where covered in cigarette burns, chewing gum, and cockroaches. Most amusing of all was the laundry prices - Men’s underwear: 2 yuan per pair, Women’s underwear: free.

The Crystal Palace, a particularly large vault in an underground cave network in Guilin.

China, amongst other Asian Nations, is well known for the unique qualities of their signs. Here are a couple of the ones that caught my eye:

This is their version of the “People Crossing” sign, except that it more accurately reflects the sprinting involved to cross the road without getting collected by a truck.

Keep off the Grass

Get Down!

What did you imagine brushes were made out of?

It’s a Sony!

One of the other Kungfu-ers, Ila, took some much more professional shots of the places we visited. They can be found here. There is also a UNESCO 360° picture of the top of Wudan Mountain which is very very cool. It is here.

Anyway, that is all. Back to your regularly scheduled weekend.