2006, Jun 30    

Ha ha, success! I’ve just got my promotion, which is the first in four years. Promoting family members is always touchy subject in a family company, which is part of why it has taken so long, but I’m fortunate to be in the position that all my work is audited by external agencies/governments, so I know that I’m legitimately earning my keep. Now that I’m a manager I’ll be officially doing what I was already doing in practice before hand, so it’s more of a recognition than an actual change. It’s nice to be valued - I feel very fortunate.

In other news, I’ve just returned from a chiropractic appointment, where I got most of my spine rearranged in various disconcerting ways. I’ve also had a bone snapped back into place in my elbow, or perhaps snapped in half, I’m not entirely sure, but now it’s all strapped up, and hopefully on the way to recovery.

Next, I feel that there really isn’t enough in the way of calamari in people’s lives, so here’s a supplement.

Continuing with the aquatic theme

And as always, for those who feel like staying by the heater this winter…

Oh, and for any of you who might think my LJ is far too cat-themed, a recent word counting meme that I did showed me that while I’ve mentioned cats 19 times, I’ve mentioned Chuck Norris 39 times. Now 40. Go me!