Monday-itis is for wimps.

2006, Aug 07    

I’ve just a ticket to my first concert ever. Apparently, not having been to one before makes me a freak, according to the people I’ve spoken with. I suppose there have been a few artists come through Melbourne that I probably should have gone and seen, like Tori Amos, but I’ve just never got around to it. Anyway, about a month from now I’ll be de-stressing to the cheerful tones of Fear Factory and Devildriver.

Anyway, I’ve just been reading something from the New York Times saying that an Publishing firm found an employee dead at his desk. This in itself is not insanely unusual, except that he’d already been there for five days before anyone noticed. Apparently he was a workaholic who arrived before everyone and left after them, and he didn’t slump over or anything, so they just assumed that he was hard at work. He had a massive heart attack on the Monday, in an open plan office, and only on Saturday morning did a janitor ask him why he was working the weekend. If nothing else, I’m sure that firm will be extra nice to it’s surviving employees, lest it get a highly unenviable reputation.

In retrospect, I'm not sure why this hasn't happened before now.

The second that I work out how to get our office printer to flash this on occasion, I am so doing it.

Here’s something that’s just plain interesting. It also makes me think about marbles.

And as per usual.

It’s a new week and life is good!