2007, Aug 09    

Well hey, I haven’t posted here in a million years or so. Seems life with gypsyamber keeps me run off my feet most of the time, most definitely in a good way.

Perhaps it’s due to this change in lifestyle that I don’t feel the urge to rant about anything in particular. Once upon a time I could devote hours into building a hatred of poor internet spelling into a neurosis, but no longer. I guess I’m going to have to devote some time to that.

Maybe I’ll update more often. Possibly not. I’ll continue reading though; that takes less mental processing power than typing in an lj entry.

So anyway, here’s some stuff I found. </p>

I suppose this is one way to use someone’s time.
I recently saw a car in Melbourne that was this dirty, and where someone might normally have written “Wash Me” on the back, they had written “Water Saver” instead.</p>

Pretty. It’s probably from a shaving ad or something though.

This is a commemorative stamp that shows… high spirits… amongst the troops.

Not sure what show these guys are putting on, but it looks good.

Classic How-to-be-a-Ninja-Manual bull$#!+, but I have to give them points for coming up with a hilarious name. Monkey steals the peach indeed.

Heh, heh, heh.


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