2007, Aug 28    

Well, that was interesting.

We just had a Chinese lady come in to complain that there were too many airplanes in the sky.

We suggested, on the few occasions that we could get her to stop talking, that she might try Melbourne airport. We also suggested the body corporate, since she was under the impression that the other residents in our building might be ‘causing trouble and bringing the airplanes here’, and that we might persuade them to stop.

Naturally she was concerned, as the presence of what she believed to be 60-70 airplanes a day would most likely irradiate us all quite rapidly. Someone told her when she came to Melbourne that there were no planes here, but evidently they were mistaken.

I guess she came by bus then. Bizzare :)

Oh, and happy birthday evil_hamster, and allow me to wish you much *insert beverage of choice* in the future, since if you consume as much sugar as your other well-wishers think you should without something to wash it down, you’ll most likely expire.

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