2007, Nov 26    

Time-wasting Pictures before the text of one of my intermittant updates this time.

So anyway, to restore your faith in nature, here are a bunch of pictures from Alaska, where the obviously well fed polar bears choose to play with the local huskis rather than trying to eat them.

And meanwhile, what have humans been up to in civilization?

Awesome. Russian Roulette for kids. Why didn’t I think of that?

At least it’s not like the Australian manufactured Bindeez, the most recent batch of which turn into GHB in your stomach. There are a bunch of envious druglords out there now wondering how the hell a toy company is able to do with minimal effort what they have to pay top-dollar for. If it hadn’t happened, you couldn’t use that as a plot in a B movie, it’d be considered too implausible.

It’s hard to complain though, life is pretty good. gypsyamber and I are off to India next month for three weeks, to do some sight-seeing, and attend tigger_au‘s wedding.

We’re well and truely moved in to our new place, but we’ve been spending most of our time running between family engagements for the christmas we’re not going to have in Australia, and trying to spend the rest of the time unpacking.

So, anyway, I’m experimenting with Skype for my company. Who else here uses it?

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