Not dead yet.

So, having a baby is pretty full on, as one might expect. We’ve reached a happy medium now, where Amber gets just enough sleep, I get enough sleep, and Zac gets anything he wants. The only problem is that at this stage, its *just* enough, so the moment we try and change things up, say by having a bedtime that is an hour or two later than normal, things start to get rough. I guess Zac is only 10 weeks old (as of today), so really we’re still in the beginning phases. Still, it means that our day-to-day lives feel normalish, but we aren’t really getting to see any of our friends. So all I can say is please don’t think we’ve forgotten you – we’re still down in the trenches, nappies flying.

We have started to get an exercise routine sorted out – yay for exercise. You wouldn’t think that we’d need any, what with carting Zac around, but baby wrangling doesn’t provide much cardio, so we’re trying to fix that. I had the strangest realization the other day that if you were in a gym, chatting to someone, and they casually mentioned that they were going to alter their routine by holding a six kilo weight at chest height for 10 hours a day for the next 4 months to buff up, you’d think they were nuts.