Swallowed a Fly

2011, Nov 14    

Its seven months now since Zac joined us and brightened up our world. Becoming a parent is the biggest gang hazing in the world. Once you're through it, you have something in common with every other parent, but it can be rough at times. Wiser heads than mine might say 'You ain't through it yet, son'. I prefer not to focus too far ahead on what's to come, because you know, it's the journey and all that.

The other day while we were entertaining Zac through the diffcult pre-dinner hour, Amber snapped off this picture of us looking photogenic:

It turns out that Zac likes watching cyclists going past on the path out the front of our house. He's a bit of a people watcher. He's also an extremely happy little guy - it's hard not to share that with him. It's hard to mope when he's sitting next to you going "I've got a blanket and a colourful bit of wood - this is awesome!" My favourite photo of the day though is the following less-photogenic one, where we both look like we've swallowed a fly:

Like father like son?