Ponderings on SEO

2014, Jul 21    

Now that I have my evenings back, I’m plotting various ways to fill them. I’ve been doing some experimentation with http://cygwin.rafaelhart.com, putting up a collection of cygwin configuration files, installation guides, etc. I’m doing this for two reasons: firstly, because Cygwin’s documentation is a bit out of date and I can’t find any other good collected sources of this information on the net. Secondly, I’m using it as an SEO test case, to see what mechanisms move it up the search engines over time. My main insights so far is that it is not at all easy to push your page up on Google’s ranking, even if you follow their advice. Social media seems to help when it comes to improving your ranking, and there are a great set of tools available at http://www.feedthebot.com.

I find myself considering moving this blog from wordpress to drupal, or coding it in either django or codeigniter, to give me easier control over some of the aspects that affect page rank and speed. I suspect the added overhead required to maintain the site if I do that will probably outweigh the gains, but it might be a good learning experience. I’ll ponder more and decide.