Nmap & Wireshark

Both very handy tools, Nmap allows you to scan an object for listening ports, discover services on a network and more. Wireshark lets you log network traffic and analyse it. Both leverage winpcap to work on Windows.

Wireshark & Nmap

To be honest, both come with GUI tools which are great to work with, and you may not need them at the command line, but since the option is available, it can be convenient, especially if you’re working in multiple terminals with something like tmux.


Installing Nmap

Go to www.nmap.org, download and install nmap, and WinPCap (bundled with it).

A great list of commands is available here: http://www.cyberciti.biz/networking/nmap-command-examples-tutorials/


Installing Wireshark

Go to www.wireshark.org, download and install Wireshark (and WinPCap if you haven’t already).