Project finished?

After 10 months of running the sub-domain, I’m now getting about 500 hits a month on what is largely an SEO-un-optimized site, and with the other professional sites I’ve worked on, I’ve largely come to the conclusion that there are only two rules that matter for driving traffic to sites.

  1. Write something worth reading.
  2. Write frequently enough that people come back.

I’ve also found that having an outlet for technical posts has robbed me of the desire to update my regular blog, though I chafe a bit at having an exclusively cygwin-related site, since there are a variety of other things that I’d like to post about which don’t fit. I like using my blog to look back on past years, so I’m going to dispense with the digital/seo content (see rule 1), and go back to general life updates. I’m thinking about coding a new blog to move away from wordpress, so I’ll probably put together another tech-based blog on a different subdomain, and experiment with that.